The Creator and the “Why”

The Creator and the “Why”

Dr. Sherman D Rivers

The “Why” behind Aboleo…

My name is Sherman Rivers and I am the creator of Aboleo. Aboleo his a latin term which means to completely destroy. Let me explain the reasoning behind the name of this game. It’s a board game and it’s loosely based on the concept of Chess with history going back almost 1,500 years. That’s proof positive that it’s a game that that there are a lot of people interested in playing, for instance, tournaments worldwide, International Tournament Play. It is something that that has had traction for hundreds and hundreds of years but let me explain why I kind of decided that it was necessary for me to develop a new incarnation. Something that would completely change the concept and ultimately end up in hours and hours (and years) of play for individuals to really enjoy themselves and exercise their minds.


82nd Airborne Division

I am an army veteran, I served in the Infantry, Airborne infantry in 82nd Airborne Division. There were some things that my military experience caused me to think about in regards to that concept and primarily it was because I saw a lot of things that didn’t feel realistic to me. For example, the first person who attacks the enemy is not necessarily the victor in an engagement. That opened a can of worms for me. We have to consider things like enemy strength, their position, the defensive posture, etc. We called this METT-T. It stands for: Mission, Enemy, Troops, Terrain, and Time.

It just bugged me, over the years, that that there was nothing available that could incorporate these important concepts at a level of strategy that really interested me so I started to get these ideas about some things that should be introduced that would really really enhance the gameplay. I began to feel that there were other people out there who would enjoy taking a look at and ultimately playing a game that did just that so that’s where it began.

Over the years I would think about certain aspects and kind of envisioned it in my mind and I started doing rough drafts. I began just adding notes and developing a project in my mind and then I let it start to collect dust but always picturing bits and pieces. One day, I was thinking about a speech by a motivational speaker by the name of Les Brown and what he talked about was the fact that only we can bring our our goals and dreams to life, that’s our responsibility and when we don’t do that… they can go to the grave with us. Imagine lying on your deathbed and being visited by your hopes and dreams and them telling you that you were the one that could have the ability to bring us into life, to to let us live, but you didn’t do that so now we’re forced to die here with you. THAT just resonated with me and I kept hearing it over and over again so I said to myself, “You know what, I’m not going to do that! I’m going to create this game and I’m going to let the cards fall where they may.” So that’s what I’m doing here.

The reason for the funding for this project is to increase awareness and begin to produce the necessary components at scale. I need to spread the word and I need the world to know that this game is here, it’s available, and that they can they can play it. Production of the game boards and pieces, can easily be scaled up by outsourcing to the appropriate manufacturers. I completed the board and the pieces and the rules and all the concepts, all that stuff is done! I did it all by hand. I made the board by hand. I made the pieces by hand. But, inevitably, in order to bring this dream to life and get it to market (preferably in the online distribution format, first and foremost) we have to to invest in the production of all the game elements. There are powerful rewards that I developed as part of this game because I thought it was important that anyone who contributes to, sponsors, or “backs” this project should hold a very special place in history. This is accomplished by setting things up in such a manner that they will be recognized in perpetuity, not just once but every time a copy of this game is released, every time a board goes out, these name should be enshrined to something that I called the Book of Creation.

My vision is to to get this game out into the world as a revolutionary board game and eventually into a digital format so it can be played online with ongoing recognition for everyone who saw my idea, my vision and helped contribute to my goals and my dreams to be eternally recognized. The plan is to take this game that I’ve completed (It is complete!) and to begin to produce that and that materials and I believe that it is really going to catch on because of the depth of play.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the birth of the first set of Champions! Masters! Grandmasters! I envision tournaments and competitions that allow people to elevate their status and become the new Masters and Grandmasters. One of the best things about this is that because of the depth of play and because of the intensity of the strategies that are involved… there is a clean slate, this is a new beginning.

I’ve seen things in the past that never really caught my attention and that never really interested me because they were little modifications of chess and failed to up the ante per se. This is an entirely New Concept, there are some similarities but the level play is “off the chain” for lack of a better way to say it. Another thing that I really like about it is that we’re taking the concept of a traditionalist type of games (tabletop), in that allows people to interact face-to-face in and enjoy each other’s company like traditional board game does but also incorporated newer concepts like hit point values, it’s gets laid out a little bit differently (much simpler) you’ll see as you look at the documentation. The documentation will explain things and you’ll see how deep this rabbit hole really goes. That’s something that appeals to a newer generation, younger folks, and that couldn’t really be translated to a board game without it being super complex and requiring cards and records. This game and its concepts are really pretty simple (logical) and I took my military background, some of the things that I learned throughout my military career and I incorporated them into the game. The result are more realistic battlefield and wartime considerations.

Here’s an example of my thinking. Why should a king have to run away every time he’s threatened? Kings can have heirs, can’t they? Why isn’t there some type of noble succession to the throne? Can’t a throne be usurped by a strong general executing a military coup? You will find out more as you as you read the documentation.

This project is set up in such a way that it allows me to fund the printing of the boards, piece production, and packaging. Much of the assembly will be done by hand at first and then we’ll be tooling up to where we can produce this in mass! As I mentioned before, in each copy of this game will be a booklet called the Book of Creation and in that book it will list the names of everyone who backed this project and the level at which they did.

Dr. Sherman D Rivers
Dr. Sherman D Rivers Sr

As for why I’m so passionate about it, this is something that I can see clear as day. It’s so clearly presented in my mind and the the growth that I went through in the process of making it real, actually producing the Prototype has been life changing for me. I see people playing this game, enjoying this game, hours and hours of entertainment. On a deeper level, this is something that can be taken seriously not just in the gaming community that exist right now but also those outside of the gaming community would look at it and say, “I get it”. They may not be into a bunch of different board games or fantasy or things like that but the concepts in Aboleo are so real and simple that it can even lend itself to military strategy development training. I would love to see it used to really test how well a leader can develop strategies but also account for the backlash (consequences) of the results of the decisions that they make in both the short-term and long-term and really really see opportunities for developing their strategies on a deeper level.

So, that’s it in a nutshell! I’ll be producing a lot more videos so that you can get more insights into the game and I would really really appreciate it if you spread the word and let the world know that there’s something new coming, and it’s going to be major, and you probably would want to be a part of it because once you’re part of it…you’re part of it forever. Thanks for your time, make sure you check out the documentation, I’ll see you on the other side.